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Monday, August 15, 2011

"la belleza de la lluvia " (The beauty of Rain)

I had always thought of rain as a foe. Even when I learnt about the life givingwater cycle, I did not view rain as the great boon it was. After learning about the water cycle. I accepted rain as a fact of nature; but not something to enjoy.

Rain. so beautiful and healing, it soothes the spirits and washes away all that is bad. Rain is much more than people give credit to. it is a life giver, a life saver, it can even be a destroyer. of the element water, it fills the rivers, fuels streams and enters the ocean in waves. i am one of those people who are hopeless romantics, when i see rain, when i hear it, and when i am in the rain...i can do no other than to find peace and yet a sorrow to be with someone who loves the rain as much as i do, to kiss and embrace in the rain. sometimes when i feel the depth of my sorrow and its raining or just storming, i go out and embrace it. when tears cascade down my cheeks...the rain sweeps them down and takes away the pain. the rain is my healer, there is no one, not a single person in the world, can say that they have no connection with the rain. the rain is like the moon, fascinating, nurturing, and calming as well as magical.

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