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Sunday, April 8, 2012

my Easter Sunday

9:30am - I woke up that late today. It’s because we arrived at 2:30am from the church after witnessing the “SUGAT” .

The Easter feast on Easter Sunday (April 8, 2012) is the culmination of the Holy Week and compared to the previous days, this day takes on a festive mood. At dawn, a solemn procession of the images of the Risen Christ and the Mater Dolorosa starts the Easter Sunday activities. The procession, also called the Sugat, will conclude in the church grounds where a play on the revelation of Christ’s resurrection is performed. In Cebu, a number of churches will depict the death of Judas creatively using fireworks. The Easter Mass will be celebrated afterwards.

After eating my BRUNCH (breakfast- lunch)I decided to watch a korean movie ” DREAM HIGH”

I have nothing else to do after that, so BOOKS to the rescue.

While I was busy looking for books in the book shelves, I found a book that caught my attention.. Are you curious what is it?:)

YES It is a cooking book. All my life I haven’t known any recipes that i could be proud of. I don’t know how to cook.. but the desire to learn is there.

I started looking all the pages, and I was amazed by the pictures… Its so yummy… @_@

It made me hungry after looking at them O.o

So, i just hope I can cook like that :P

I need to learn ASAP haha..


(more blogs soon)

:) <3

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