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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It's been a year since i graduated in my college but the memories of my nursing student life is still fresh. Those memories molded me into a better person of who i am today. I met lots of friends, acquaintances and even some enemies. School is over but the learning will continue forever. Life is a daily school wherein you always learn from all your mistakes. Yet, i dont cry because school is over but i smile because of many things happened in the past that made me happy and complete.

When i start reminiscing the past, i remember those sleepless nights of making my case study, those times i cried because one of my patient died (i know its not right) but its my first time., those times that i had boyfriend but unluckily, we didn' last. I remember those times when we went to a psychiatric unit, special children school, community areas, even to company. 

But what made me miss COLLEGE the most are my friends who are always been there for me through my UPs and Down ..I wonder where they are now. I lost some of their contacts. Though facebook  is there, still missing the opportunity to have a little chitchat with them. 

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